I’ve never been a fan of frozen waffles, I came from a household where Sunday morning homemade waffles were a time honored tradition.  Listening to the Sunday morning polka show, whipping egg whites to firm peaks, and calling out “Bingo!” when the light on the waffle iron went off was a weekly occurrence for me growing up.  The difference between a fresh waffle right off the waffle iron and a frozen waffle is vast and sadly Eggo Seasons Confetti Waffles does nothing to change  this.

You can L'eggo these all you want , you won't give a shit

You can L’eggo these all you want , you won’t give a shit

Eggo waffles are a survivor.  Novelty breakfast foodstuff comes and goes but Eggo has been there my entire life and judging by the frozen food aisle isn’t going anywhere.  Seasons was a chance for Kellogg’s to branch out from their normal waffle flavors and go crazy.  Confetti jumped out at me because they looked like Funfetti which I’ve always been a fan of, but the folks at Pillsbury must know something the Kellogg’s folks don’t because these waffles were utterly devoid of extra flavor.  They were advertised as “Yellow Cake Flavor” but there was no hint of yellow cake, only the normal frozen waffle flavor you associate with Eggo.  So fine, they taste like waffles, thats okay, but at least the confetti should add something right?  Well it doesn’t.  There isn’t really confetti added so much as little dots of dye in the waffle.  There’s no sprinkle here just a flavorless dye blob.  If I was colorblind I would have just thought I was eating a normal frozen waffle.  This is a stark contrast to the last Seasons waffle, Pumpkin Spice, which actually did have a distinct flavor.  There’s really no excuse here, just lazy waffle flavoring on Kellogg’s part and pretty disappointing.

I resorted to loading up the waffle with butter and syrup to add some flavor of my own.  And I did end up eating two boxes of these over a few weeks, but I don’t think I’ll be going back, honestly I only got the second boss because I forgot to take pictures with the first box.  One positive to come out of this is I want to make my own Funfetti waffles and see how they stack up because in general I like the idea.  One of these Sundays when I’m feeling creative maybe I’ll tune in some polka on the AM and try it out, until then avoid these like the most boring plague ever.

Butter and syrup can save any breakfast

Butter and syrup can save any breakfast

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