Does this coat make me a badass?

“Does this coat make me a badass?” “No, sorry”

If you’re a good looking 18-35 year old on a CW show there’s about a 50 percent chance you have some type of super power.  Such is the case in the new show The Tomorrow People.  Young Stephen Jameson is a kid with some issues.  He’s some type of outcast in high school, he’s on anti psychotics, and when he goes to bed at night he needs to strap his arms down with leather belts.  See he has this bad habit of waking up in strange places, like his hot neighbor’s bed, and hot neighbor’s husband is none too happy about it.  To top it all off he has the voice of some hottie stuck in his head so he’s literally hearing voices.  One night he decides to actually listen to the voices and thats when things get interesting.

Bo staff in an abandoned subway station...I've seen this somewhere before

Bo staff in an abandoned subway station…I’ve seen this somewhere before


The Tomorrow People looks to be a standard super hero/natural/sci fi teen drama in the vein of Smallville, Arrow, or maybe even a little Super Natural.  There was a lot of hand to hand super powered kung fu, secret underground bases, an evil agency hunting down “The Tomorrow People” and a touch of teen romance.  The Tomorrow People have developed a sixth sense through being the next evolution in the human gene pool.  They control the three T’s, Teleportation, Telekinesis, and Telepathy.  They are recruiting Stephen into their ranks to help stave off the agency “Ultra” who are hunting down these “homo-superiors” and eliminating them.  The story looks to revolve around Stephen discovering the true motivations of all the players involved, and hopefully using his powers for wacky high school hijinks, I’m already smelling a basketball team episode.

Super powered people love them hoodies

Super powered people love them hoodies

The FX I thought were pretty top notch for network TV, it kinda reminded me of the movie Jumper when you would see space warp around a person as they disappeared.  They had a few cool sets for the underground tomorrow base and even their own saucy computer AI that talkbacks more than Siri.  The supporting cast included some exotic looking girl named Cara, a leaderish type named John, and a goofy Asian sidekick to deliver one liners named Russel.  All of them know kung fu and fight like Nightcrawler and they have to because the agency hunting them is in a twist also tomorrow people!  Ultra recruits home-superiors as well, brain washes them and uses them against their own people.

Overall this was a pretty decent premier, the acting wasn’t great but its a CW Show so whatevs, I dug it a little more than S.H.I.E.L.D. probably because it was attempting to be its own little thing with some new world building going on and lots of questions posed to the viewer right off the bat.  It also threw in a few twists that were kinda fun and will have me tuning in at least for a few episodes.  I think its definitely going to be a show you want to keep up with and less of a monster of the week show so if you’re into that kind of perpetual one big 24 episode story thing this might be your bag.  I’m probably too old for this shit but I liked it anyways.

"I can read your mind"  "Thats not my mind"

“I can read your mind” “Thats not my mind”

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