I’m pretty sure there was a Seinfeld episode devoted to eating just the muffin top as its really the best part of the muffin.  I was surprised to see this was an actual product you could buy and enjoy yourself.  VitaTops are frozen muffin tops designed for a super quick breakfast meal.  They come in about a dozen different flavors, I have a thing for banana flavor so thats what I went with for my purchase.

About as good as it looks

About as good as it looks

The first time I tried one I went for the toaster preparation.  This was a mistake.  This is a common problem with a lot of frozen breakfast foods that you try to toast, but its really hard to get a consistent temperature throughout the VitaTop.  My first try I had the toaster on dark and it burnt the outside while the center was ice cold.  I ate about half and then threw it away thinking I could get a better toast if I did two light toasting instead.  This second attempt sort of worked but still it was a little cool in the middle and not that great tasting.  It didn’t really taste like a muffin as there was no fluff or lightness to it, instead was just a condensed cool muffinish cake.  At this time I would have tried a microwave but I’m microwave free for the past month, not by choice, but mine died a few weeks ago and I haven’t bought a new one yet.  I thought this breakfast treat was pretty much a dud at this point.

A few days later I threw one in the toaster oven while taking a shower.  This seemed like a lot better solution, it didn’t burn the VitaTop and warmed up the center to an edible temp.  I actually liked the VitaTop a little better this time and it did taste more like a muffin when it was warmed up correctly, so your mileage may vary.  They are kinda pricey and only 100 calories so its not like you can go all day on one of these.  For a novelty they weren’t bad, but really I’d rather spend the same amount of money on real muffins if I want to eat muffins.  Save yourself the hassle and buy some real muffins from whatever bakery or bakery department you shop at, VitaTops suck.

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