Welcome to a new weekly feature on Gamer Breakfast called Oven Breakfast, where we are actually going to do a quick breakfast review. Now I use that term “breakfast” loosely because everything I review for the foreseeable feature is going to be from the frozen food section. Everyone knows what bacon and eggs tastes like so I’m going to try to go a bit more obscure and buy some of those wacky breakfast items you see in the frozen food section that make you wonder who actually buys this stuff.

Batter and sausage son!

Batter and sausage son!

I’m kicking off this feature with IHOP’s Griddle n Sausage Wraps. This idea behind this breakfast novelty is combing the griddle (pancake batter) with the sausage (a breakfast sausage link) into one tasty morsel. It kind of reminds me of something you would find at a state fair. One won’t normally batter a sausage but in this case it works pretty well. The batter has also been infused with a hint of syrup that adds to its already complex flavor. I was surprised how tasty the sausage was, it has a little kick of spice that a sausage should and wasn’t overly greasy.

I amped it up a little by adding some apple butter sauce to dip in but really these could stand on their own. Griddle n Sausage also come in blueberry pancake flavor. Put one on a stick and you’d have a pretty wicked little breakfast corn dog. They took about 15 minutes in the toaster oven and were good to go, so I’d probably throw a couple in at 160 calories a piece. I was pleasantly surprised by these little guys, here’s hoping this column will go this well every week.

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