There are three projects on Kickstarter in the middle of being funded right now that I really hope see the light of day.  All three are throwbacks to a simpler time in gaming and all three come with an amazing pedigree of innovative gameplay.  Bringing these IPs into modern times, giving them a new coat of paint and building on their classic gameplay can only be a good thing.  Make your Kickstarter account and start backing these games now!

General Chaos II: Sons of Chaos

Chaos vs Havok

Chaos vs Havoc

If you were lucky enough to play General Chaos, an exclusive for the Sega Genesis, then its easy to see all the possibilities a nextgen General Chaos would bring.  I never really played anything like General Chaos again, it was part arcade action, part strategy and all military parody.  It was the Stripes of video games.  You simultaneous control 5 soldiers across a battle field.  They had their own specialties such as demolitions or rocket launching.  Going into battle with 5 guys all using flamethrowers wasn’t generally a great strategy but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun. The original creator is trying to get a sequel funded.  The possibility of it getting funded is not looking great but maybe if it can gain some traction there will be hope.  You can check it out [HERE]



River City Ransom: Underground

8 bit combat at its finest

8 bit combat at its finest

An officially licensed sequel to one of the most beloved games of the NES era, sign me up!  River City Ransom can be credited with many firsts, think how crazy it was this game was sticking RPG elements into a brawler 10 years before that was even deemed innovative.  A true NES classic with more charm in its presentation and minimal story than is found in some of its modern day 20 million dollar contemporaries.  The team behind this Kickstarter seem to really have a love for the original game and are looking to include everything that made the original great, while at the same time amping up the animations and other game systems.  Funding is going pretty well and I have a good feeling this project will make it.  I’m honestly surprised this hasn’t been done yet, but count me in for a trip back to River City. Fund it [HERE]

Mighty No. 9

Yummy concept  art of Not Megaman

Yummy concept art of Not Megaman

This looks to be one the biggest gaming Kickstarter successes of the year and when you look at the pedigree of the people involved its easy to see why.  The father of Megaman, Keiji Inafune, is creating a japanese action side scroller, that pays homage to the past with all the modern day flair.  This is not a Megaman sequel, that ball is still in Capcom’s court where it will probably stay for sometime but this is the next best thing and in some ways probably better.  Inafune has full creative control and flexibility in game design to make the next great Japanese side scroller.  He’s also doing some really neat community based design with polls and community input on things like challenges and enemy designs.  It’s already funded 2 million dollars and is now in the process of knocking down stretch goals.  2015 can’t get here soon enough, this will be a day 1 purchase for me. Check out all the cool stretch goals and nice blog updates for the project [HERE]




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